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KYLE PHILLIPS: Retaining his links with Abu Dhabi

Ever since it opened for play earlier this year, the Yas Links Abu Dhabi has been bestowed by superlatives.

From “stunning” to a “desert miracle” to “the best golf course in the Middle East”, accolades have poured in thick and fast for this Kyle Phillips design.

Sport 360°’s deputy editor Joy Chakravarty caught up with the celebrated designer, and talks to him on Yas Links, and various aspects of his business and philosophy.

Kyle, almost one year now since the Yas Links opened. The reception among members and players has been fantastic. What are your thoughts now?

That’s right. We had the front nine ready last year and the back nine was completed this year in March. I don’t think you can notice the difference between the conditions now.

Mike (Course Superintendent Michael Clark) has done a great job in integrating the two nines. And as I hear the feedback from the members, I am very proud of what we have created here.

Yas Links is something unique, certainly in a place like the UAE.
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